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The first accessible, inclusive, and holistic angel investor training program.
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Join a vibrant community of ambitious women mastering the skills of angel investing – FEMPIRE x SoGal is your gateway to unlocking your investment potential!

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The first accessible, inclusive, and holistic angel investor training program. 

We're galvanizing diverse individuals across the globe to take calculated steps towards closing the gender and diversity gap in entrepreneurship and investing while building wealth, creating more equity in the venture capital industry. 


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Learn how to grow your portfolio while creating a more equitable startup system.  

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It's time to democratize access to startup investing.

You want to become an angel investor, but if you're like most high-achieving individuals, knowing where to start can be difficult. It may be hard to determine what you don't know what you need to do to start confidently building your wealth with impact.

We’ve been where you are and we totally get it. So if you...


âś… are ready to invest in the next diverse-led, rocket ship startup, but want to lean into the space with more knowledge and support

✅ are a feminist, idealist, rationalist, or ambitious trendsetter, but haven’t found the right community where your badass-ery will make the most impact

✅ feel like you’re an outsider looking in on the world of venture capital and startup financing with FOMO, but want to dive in and learn more

âś… Want to leverage your hard-earned expertise to support entrepreneurs and grow your startup portfolio, while generating returns and making an impact

...you're in the right place!  

After investing in more than 150 diverse-led, early-stage startups and scoring five unicorns, we've launched FEMPIRE x SoGal — an Angel Investing Training Program & Syndicate — to empower more diverse individuals with the resources and network they need to achieve their investing goals and build their wealth with impact!


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What is  FEMPIRE x SoGal?

FEMPIRE x SoGal is an angel investment community & syndicate empowering more diverse individuals to get on successful startup cap tables by promoting education, diversity, inclusion, and confidence in early stage investing.

Angel Investor Bootcamp 

Joining FEMPIRE, you'll receive exclusive access to the powerful angel investing bootcamp (self-directed or live), helping you develop investor confidence as you develop your own style and reputation.

Global Investor Community

Learn from experienced investors, innovative entrepreneurs, and like-minded peers across a variety of industries. Develop your investment thesis and contribute to scaling startups in a candid, supportive, and fun environment.

Exclusive Syndicate Deals

Gain an opportunity to invest in deals curated from 35k+ startups that SoGal sees annually, with access to deal memos, pitch webinars, and Q&A with founders to accelerate learning & invest at your own pace.


Meet Your Instructors

When SoGal founders Elizabeth Galbut and Pocket Sun met in their VC training program at Stanford, they shared a passion to create systemic change from the ground up in entrepreneurship and venture capital.

They banded together to form SoGal Ventures, a venture capital firm investing in diverse-led startups creating the future of how we live, work, and stay healthy, and SoGal Foundation, a nonprofit and global community on a mission to close the diversity gap in entrepreneurship.

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About Pocket

Pocket Sun is Co-Founder and Managing Partner at SoGal Ventures and Founder of SoGal Foundation.

Pocket Sun is the founder of SoGal, one of world's largest communities of diverse entrepreneurs and investors with more than 60 chapters worldwide. She holds a Master of Science degree in Entrepreneurship and Innovation from the University of Southern California, and has extensive experience working with startups and corporations across the US and Asia. Her expertise is in consumer tech, community building, brands, and international expansion.

Shortly after receiving a master's degree, Pocket became one of the youngest people to be on the cover of Forbes at 24 years old for her recognition as a '30 Under 30' in Venture Capital recipient. As a disruptor in VC and advocate for DEI, she has spoken as the keynote speaker and on panels hosted by Fortune 500 companies and high-profile conferences, including the Microsoft CEO Summit.

Pocket has been recognized as one of Entrepreneur's 100 Most Powerful Women, LinkedIn's Top 10 Voices in VC & Entrepreneurship, and featured in publications by BBC, CNBC, Fortune, Bloomberg, Inc., and more.

About Elizabeth

Elizabeth is the Co-Founder and Managing Partner of SoGal Ventures and A-Level Capital, and Co-President of SoGal Foundation. 

Elizabeth Galbut is Co-Founder and Managing Partner of SoGal Ventures, the first female-led millennial venture capital firm, which invests in diverse founding teams in the US and Asia. With over 150 investments to date, she is actively seeking to back exceptional startups revolutionizing how the next generations live, work, and stay healthy.  
Elizabeth’s favorite investment area is the intersection of smart design and machine learning/AI fueling major health and wellness innovation. Her portfolio of health & wellness startups include lab platform Everlywell, clean customized personal care brand Function of Beauty, autism care innovator Elemy, child development leader Lovevery, digital pathology analytics pioneer Proscia, holistic wellness platform Parsley Health, smart socks Siren Care, and veterinary immunotherapy cancer technology Torigen
Elizabeth has been recognized as Entrepreneur Magazine’s 100 Most Powerful Women, Forbes 30 Under 30, JPMorgan’s Diversity Champion, and NYC’s 33 Under 33 top innovators. SoGal Ventures has been featured in numerous online, print, and video publications including: New York Times, WSJ, Fortune, Forbes, Financial Times, CNBC, BBC World News, Fast Company, Inc., Entrepreneur, SWAAY, TechCrunch, The Straits Times, Channel News Asia, The Business Times, Sina, and CrunchBase.

SoGal Ventures & FEMPIRE Portfolio

As a team, SoGal Ventures has invested in more than 150 startups with world-class diverse entrepreneurs in the US, Asia Pacific, Europe, and Africa.


Real Impact By The Numbers

Portfolio combined add  > $11B with five unicorns
Largest global source of deal flow, with over 35k deals per year
Portfolio is 100% women-led & 35% have BIPOC co-founders


And with SoGal Ventures working with some of the world's best startup founders, FEMPIRE x SoGal members have the opportunity to get in on the hottest deals out there!

What's Inside the FEMPIRE Training? 


The FEMPIRE x SoGal Angel Training Program & Syndicate is THE first accessible, inclusive, and holistic online angel training program, and we're inviting you to join our global community of diverse founders and funders.

This 10-module e-learning course teaches you how to create an investment thesis, evaluate businesses, learn about financial models, dive into industry risks and best practices, gain knowledge about the legal side of investing, balance your portfolio, and more. 

Self directed modules allow you to learn about startup investing at your own pace, including the fundamentals of venture term sheets and startup diligence processes. 

The bootcamp features live and recorded sessions with entrepreneurs, angels, and venture capitalists so you can put investing theories you’ve learned to the test as you hear directly from the powerhouses themselves.You’ll meet entrepreneurs who are raising, practice what you learn, and potentially start investing!

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Bootcamp Curriculum

1. The Basics
Investing fundamentals, how investing started

2. Start with Strategy
Investment thesis, your investor personality, angel economics

3. Meeting of the Minds
Finding unicorn founders, meeting prep, deep listening

4. Riding the Startup Rollercoaster
Lifecycle, trajectory, metrics, ownership

5. Evaluate, Examine, Explore
Timing, team, market, business model, expertise

6. Diligently Digging Deep
Financial models, competitive landscape, risk analysis

7. Titan of the Term Sheets
Deal structuring, legal best practices, common pitfalls

8. From Novice to Networked
Becoming an insider, building your brand, co-invest

9. Ways to Win, Win, Win
Chasing deals, negotiation, value-add, comms, expectations

10. Powerful Portfolio Management
Follow-on, data & updates, portfolio balancing

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